Have a radically different e-mail address.

Are you an engineer? Then how about : system@ically.co.uk
or in an administrative position: bureaucr@ically.co.uk
or an actor then what about: melodram@ically.co.uk
Or you could just make one up and
we will set it up so that e-mail addressed to your new e-mail will
be re-routed to your existing e-mail address.

Send a cheque to:- BTN(UK), 16 Hillside Road, Harpenden, Herts, AL5 4BT, UK

For only 50/year or $100/year your e-mail address could be one of the following...

system@ically,   diagramm@ically,
emph@ically,    chrom@ically, 
acrob@ically, adiab@ically, asthm@ically, autom@ically,
axiom@ically, cinem@ically, enigm@ically, gramm@ically,
pneum@ically, pragm@ically, prism@ically,
rheum@ically, schem@ically, traum@ically, programm@ically,
aristorcr@ically, bureaucr@ically, melodram@ically, thermost@ically,
dogm@ically, dram@ically, ecst@ically, oper@ically,
them@ically, err@ically, fan@ically, pir@ically, problem@ically,
autcr@ically, democr@ically, diplom@ically,
emblem@ically, mathem@ically, morgan@ically, phlegm@ically,
idiosyncr@ically, monochrom@ically,
psychosom@ically, semiautom@ically.

Call us soon, before they all go!
u-select-it@ically.co.uk . . .

the -"ATically"  Team

Sponsored by:- www.diytie.co.uk

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